Ringing the bell of St Michael’s

Today marked a significant moment in the modern history of Angel Meadow - the first time that the bell of the former St Michael's Church had been heard in more than 80 years. The parish church of St Michael's and All Angels watched over the violent and disease-ridden streets of Angel Meadow for more than 140… Continue reading Ringing the bell of St Michael’s

Angel Meadow scuttler wars mapped

Fearless gangs of street fighters known as scuttlers waged war on the streets of Angel Meadow in the last quarter of the 19th century and struck terror in the hearts of slum dwellers. Wearing pointed, brass-tipped clogs and using knives, iron pokers and heavy belt buckles as weapons, they prowled the slum looking for a… Continue reading Angel Meadow scuttler wars mapped

Hot off the press

A big day today after the first copies of Angel Meadow finally arrived, hot off the printing press. That strangely comforting smell of ink and newly-pressed paper is now wafting through the house and five boxes of books are sitting in the hallway, waiting to be picked up and read. It's hard to believe I… Continue reading Hot off the press