The Spy, 1893

The dreary wastes of Angel Meadow. Down Angel Street, with its pestiferous lodging houses, with its bawds and bullies, its thieves and beggars, one had need to visit such a place when the sun is high in the heavens. When night falls I had rather enter an enemy’s camp during the time of war than venture near such dens of infamy and wretchedness, but the poor live here and die here.


1 thought on “The Spy, 1893”

  1. I was intrigued by the quotation about Victorian Angel Meadow on your website that seems to have first appeared in an anonymous article in The Spy magazine in 1893. I am currently writing a chapter in a book about Cheshire true crimes of the 19th century which touches on the ‘hell upon earth’ that was Angel Meadow, and in particular Angel Street. I cannot, however, locate any information about the actual magazine (though there is on the net mentions of Spy magazine, which was a late 20th century American publication). Can you tell me anything more about the origin of this quote and about the magazine concerned. I point out that my modest effort in no way impinges on your obviously far more detailed story of the ‘Medda’. With many thanks, Derek Yarwood.

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